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The Legend of Barknight is a tale of how an average dog named Salty breaks the spell of selfishness that bewitches humans. By enlisting the help of all the world's dogs, Salty changes the hearts of people forever. It's a story about determination, cooperation, and faith that creates Barknight - a long overdue holiday where people can give special thanks to their dogs, as well as all the pets that keep us company and continue to warm our lives.

Do you Barknight? You certainly will after you read The Legend of Barknight.

Praise for The Legend of Barknight

A must Read for all dog lovers, February 27, 2009

A must read for all dog lovers, a truly feel good read and perfect bed time story for children AND parents. Absolutely adorable.

- L.A.

Excellent, January 4, 2009

What a wonderful book!! This is a must have for anyone who has ever loved their pet!

- S.E.

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The Legend of Barknight

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